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Disney Legends plaque

The bronze plaque at Walt Disney Studios honoring Thurl as a Disney Legend

Thurl was involved with Walt Disney Studios for over 60 years. His early work consisted mostly of singing on film sound tracks, but as Walt Disney branched out into television and his own theme parks, Thurl found himself working on all sorts of projects. His voice can still be heard all over Disneyland, in dozens of feature films, and on hundreds of Disneyland records.

Because of his contributions over the years, Thurl was named a Disney Legend in 1995. Others honored that same year included Wally Boag, Fulton Burley, Dean Jones, and Angela Lansbury.

Disney Theme Parks
Many visitors to Disneyland and Walt Disney World associate Thurl with the Haunted Mansion, but his voice is heard in many other attractions not only in the California and Florida, but in Disney theme parks around the world.

Disney Films
Thurl worked on many Disney films, sometimes providing the voice for a character, other times just singing on the sound track. He was featured as a soloist and as a member of a group such as the Sportsmen or the Mellomen.

Disney Television
Thurl appeared on-screen in numerous Disney television shows, and his voice was heard on many others. Whether singing the theme song for Zorro or the Mickey Mouse Club, or appearing in an episode of Disneyland, Thurl's impact on early Disney television was huge.

Disney Records
There are literally hundreds of Disney records featuring Thurl. On some he narrates. On others he sings. On many he appears only as part of a chorus, but on a few, such as Pirates of the Caribbean, he really demonstrated his ability as a singer.

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