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Thurl appeared on so many Disney records that it would be difficult to list them all. Rather than do that, this page will highlight some of the best places to hear him. Thurl sang on many recordings, sometimes solo, other times as part of a group. He also narrated quite a few. Here is a list of some of the LP records that feature Thurl. Currently, I do not have a list of singles or Little Long Play story records that feature Thurl.

Catalog # Year Title Notes
WDL 1005 1958 Songs of the National Parks (Aug. 1958) Thurl narrates a tour through the great National Parks. Listen to the opening narration (1:43)
DQ 1217 1961 Songs of Our Heritage for Young Americans  
DQ 1219  1961 Babes in Toyland  Thurl sings the role of Barnaby on the song "We Won't Be Happy Till We Get It"
DQ 1231  1962 Lady and the Tramp The Mellomen perform "Home Sweet Home" as the Pound Hounds, and back up Peggy Lee on "He's a Tramp" (1:34)
DQ 1232  1963 A Child's Introduction to Melody Thurl does the voice of the Owl
DQ 1233 1963 Little Toot and Other Sailor Songs Credited as "Admiral Ravenscroft", Thurl sings five sea songs and a duet with Robie Lester on the song "Little Toot" (1:06)
DQ 1234 1963 Peter Cottontail and Other Funny Bunnies Thurl sings two songs, "Twitterpated" (1:14) and "The Thumper Song" (1:50)
DQ 1281 1965 Nikki, Wild Dog of the North Thurl narrates
DQ 1285 1965 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Thurl sings "The Headless Horseman" (157)
DQ 1290 1966 The Ugly Dachshund Thurl sings the song "The Ugly Dachshund" and narrates the story
DQ 1301 1966 All About Dragons Thurl sings and narrates. Two songs in particular are noteworthy. "The Reluctant Dragon" (4:37) and "The Loch Ness Monster" (1:48) really highlight Thurl's range
DQ 1334 1970 Rubber Duckie and Other Songs from Sesame Street Thurl sings "Green" (2:13) and helps out on "I've Got Two" (3:05)
DQ 1358  1974 Trick or Treat Side 2 has the song and story of The Haunted Mansion which Thurl narrates. This is a shortened version of ST 3947
ST 1913  1961 Nikki Wild Dog of the North Thurl narrates
ST 1920 1963 The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Same record as DQ 1285
WDL 3012 1957 Meet Me Down on Main Street

Meet Me Down on Main Street album cover

A record of Barbershop music by The Mellomen. 

Here is the title track, "Meet Me Down on Main Street" (1:46). 

Other good songs to listen for Thurl are 
"Way Down Yonder in the Corn Field"
"Nellie Bly" (2:46), and 
"De Camptown Races"

ST 3814 1974 Island at the Top of the World Thurl narrates
ST 3937 1966 Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean album cover

Thurl narrates side 1 and sings five sea chanteys on side 2. These are the same songs as on DQ 1233

Here are all five sea chanteys from side 2 of Pirates of the Caribbean:

"Asleep in the Deep" (1:39)
"A Life on the Ocean Wave"
"A Capital Ship"
"Tarpaulin Jacket"


ST 3947 1969 The Haunted Mansion A young Ron Howard appears on this album, which Thurl narrates
ST 3953 1967 Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day Thurl does the voice for Eeyore
ST 3966 1968 Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room The sound track of the attraction. Side 2 has a narration of the Jungle Cruise with Thurl as the guide. Here is the beginning of that narration (0:06)
ST 3975 1968 Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Thurl again voices Eeyore
ST 3994 1971 The Country Bear Jamboree The sound track of the attraction
BV 5007 1977 The Hobbit Songs from the Rankin/Bass special. Thurl sings on the entire album, but is easiest to hear on "Down, Down to Goblin Town" (1:20) and "Funny Little Things" (1:14)

In addition to these LPs, Thurl also sang on many Little Long Play 7" story records and on several 7" singles which I will include on a future update to this page.

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